I am looking for a device which offers

  • FM radio or DAB radio
  • No wifi connection required
  • Can be plugged into a power socket (no batteries)
  • Allows to connect a Bluetooth headset to listen to the music.

I have been looking online, and I found this device: https://www.pure.com/nl/dab-radio/products/move-t4/black

But if possible, I would like to have something a little cheaper.

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I decided that the device I'm looking for does not exist. I created it by combining a DAB+ radio with a Bluetooth transmitter.

DAB+ radio: https://www.vr-radio.de/DAB-Digitalradio-im-Holzgehaeuse-FM-2-Weckze-ZX-1771-919.shtml Bluetooth transmitter: https://www.ugreen.com.cn/products/bluetooth-4-2-audio-transmitter

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