I'm looking for a 32 inch 4k monitor for general use as well as photo editing. I'm just an amatuer photographer so I'm not super picky but I want something that will last a while. My budget is $1200.00.

I've looked at the Dell u3219q, Benq pd3200u. I don't like that the Dell is not flicker free and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the color range of the Benq and lack of HDR. I also bought two Asus pa329q's but they both had dead pixels so I sent them back and am looking elsewhere.

Any recommendations?

Edit Another possible option is LG's 32UL950-W

  • What's your issue with the color range of the BenQ? Seems to have better Color coverage than the Dell. (And comparing to the added LG would rather be this BenQ amzn.to/2SQfnMu) Jul 30, 2019 at 11:28

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Actually I'm thinking to buy the Samsung UR59C (4K, 32", 60Hz). I imagine that it's what you're looking for, and the price is just amazing.

You can find more about it here.


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