I am a high school student. My school uses the Google Suite and we work most of the time on Google Docs and Google Classroom.

However, I own a Windows PC. It is a 4GB RAM, Intel Skylake i3, SSD PC. Windows 10 works perfect on my device, however, Chrome uses most of my RAM and lower my PC's performance.

When I open a Google Docs, Chrome takes up to 1GB RAM of my device and also drains my battery fast. Microsoft Word only accounts for less than 100MB of that.

I don't use my PC for gaming, just for tasks such as news reading, watching Netflix, checking mail and calendar, Google Docs, Google Classroom, Spotify. I do but rarely uses Adobe Photoshop. I can use the school computer to do it.

My question is: Should I switch to a Chromebook? Will Chrome and Google Docs on Chromebook eat less of my RAM and battery on Chromebook? Chromebook is lighter than my PC too.

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    Your PC model would be helpful. – Rubydesic Jul 26 '19 at 1:11

It would be better if you upgrade your PC's RAM to 8 GB.

An extra 4 GB RAM will take around $35, while a Chromebook will take $230.

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