I am planning on starting a project where i have a straight line of 200 meters long divided into 4 section of 50 meters each.

At the start of the straight line i will have a ble tag reader which will read the tag along the straight line and provide an estimated distance the tag is located or what section if the section are allocated A,B,C and D respectively. I thought of a solution for this using this using the esp32 as the reader for the tag and then read the tags RSSI to get estimated distance of the tags but the straight line(1) is vertical and there is another straight line(2) with a different tag reader horizontally 100 meter from straight line (1) so if there is a tag in between both straight line both reader will read the tag hence not knowing which straight line the tag belongs to. i cant assign the tag to a particular reader as there will be so many tags and it should be read by all reader. also is it possible to control the radiation pattern of the esp32 antenna??

My other solution will be to put the esp32 on each section(A,B,C and D) to read the tag which is a very expensive approach given the size of area i want to deploy the project and doesn't fix the tag been read by multiple esp32. was also thinking of slave master with Hc 05/06 but it cant work with one master and multiple slaves due to communication protocols. and can I2C communication be used with HC-05 or 06? in case of connecting multiple HC sensor to arduino using wires along the straight line. the HC 05/06 will only read the mac address of the ble and send to arduino via i2c.

So guy all suggestions are welcome.

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