Please recommend a USB 3.0 hub that can definitely power 2 external USB 3.0 bus-powered 4TB hard drives at the same time.

Many USB 3.0 hubs claim to be able to do this, but each one I've tried (and I've tried many of them) cause the first external bus-powered hard drive to either:

  1. Momentarily disconnect when the second external bus-powered hard drive is plugged in.


  1. Connect at USB 2.0 speeds when the second drive is plugged in.

Unlike a similar question I asked about a year ago, the hub does not need to have individual switches for each port (but it's fine if it does).

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I would recommend a powered USB hub. They come with a detachable power cable to provide extra electricity when needed, great for driving power-hungry devices such as portable Hard Drives. Here are a few examples from Amazon:


I use this Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub that would have no issues doing what you want, but due to the 3 power only ports at the bottom, it needs to be plugged in with a wall adapter. I have a mouse, Dolby 7.1 Headset, and multiple 24/7 active USB flash drives, and a 3.1 Western Digital 5400rpm drive attached, and I have no issues running these. To my knowledge Anker doesn't provide a hub that will allow a stable connection from the power on a USB 3.0 port alone.


A 4TB HDD is going to need about 25W of power at least. So you're looking at a hub that can do around 60-100W

Anker do some, but depending on what you're doing with your drives, it may be faster to get a 2 bay NAS instead. or a 3 bay if you want RAID

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