I need to buy good computer to work with R for looping 20 millions rows without problems of memory, or cpu.

Thank you

  • How big is the data in MB or GB? Will it ever grow beyond 20 million? – cybernard Jul 10 '19 at 12:36
  • Thanks, it is 10 to 20 gigas, and yes maybe beyond 20 millions, just in case – Gonza Jul 12 '19 at 4:30
  • So what do you have/budget? – cybernard Jul 12 '19 at 12:43

32GB of RAM is $300-400 which you could add to any computer and load 24GB into RAM and of course this is the fastest.

From there M.2 NVM SSD 128GB or larger would be easy to come by and fast.

The new AMD Ryzen chips support PCIe 4 so a PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVM SSD would be the fastest. Nearly 5gb/s read and 4.4 write.

Obviously you can RAID them together, and achieve even higher speeds.

A ryzen 3000 series, motherboard, and RAM are around $1000 depending on which CPU you get.

If you don't already have them a video card,case,power supply, and misc would be even more.

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  • thank you very much, I'm going to check prices – Gonza Jul 13 '19 at 2:46

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