I would like to know what the height equivalence is, which should be taken into account for a 21: 9 monitor versus a 16: 9 monitor.

monitor size

For example, a monitor 21: 9 of 24 ", this one has less height than one of the same size in inches of one with format 16: 9.

monitor size 2

PD: Remembering that the size is taken mainly by the diagonal

  • Sorry, I think I made a mistake, it's not about resolution, it's about size in terms of height. I'm going to edit the question – Pedro Miguel Pimienta Morales Jun 3 '19 at 2:47

This is the site you want and need :)


You can add your own dimension in pixels, and the diagonal. You then click in the plus sign, and it will add the screen you defined. You can do this multiple times, the tool will compare the screens. First screencap

Second screencap

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