I have two possible DC (double capacity) memory for a z390 Hero XI with 9900k (at 4.8-5.1GHz); with the context of having 128GB in Windows 10 x64.

Timings are a bit different, and price difference is significantly different, even though for an intensive/professional usage, it's not this important but it can be worth a good 2TB NVMe.

I'm a programmer and few of the projects are definitely memory bound (size, latency, and bandwidth of RAM) if not CPU front-end bound or NVMe memory bound (latency and bandwidth).

Is there any specific recommendation regarding timings related to memory operations (which ones ?) and other CPU front-end bound operations/programs ?



CAS Latency CL  14 (entspricht ~8.75ns)
Row-to-Column Delay tRCD    15 (entspricht ~9.38ns)
Row Precharge Time tRP  15 (entspricht ~9.38ns)
Active-to-Precharge Time tRAS   35 (entspricht ~21.88ns)



CAS Latency CL  14 (entspricht ~8.75ns)
Row-to-Column Delay tRCD    14 (entspricht ~8.75ns)
Row Precharge Time tRP  14 (entspricht ~8.75ns)
Active-to-Precharge Time tRAS   34 (entspricht ~21.25ns)

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