I am looking for a Wi-Fi router, in the 100-200 $ price range, with the following characteristics:

  • all ports are — Gigabit Ethernet
  • guest Wi-Fi network option (in addition to home Wi-Fi network)
  • it is really important that the router would work stably, without reboots
  • I am looking for most durable (i.e. work without repair and/or maintenance) option, in said price range

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Probably, the question would get more attention and answer(s), if it was posted on networkengineering or serverfault.

Primary options, I came up with:

  1. MikroTik hAP ac²

    • pros:

      • possibilities of what can be achieved with proper setup are, virtually, limitless (though, there is a downside — see cons)
      • 4 ethernet ports (+ 1 "WAN")
    • cons:

      • difficulty of setting up: all the options you would want for a home use (like setting password for the Wi-Fi and setting up guest Wi-Fi network) are not obvious to do and require reading of manuals or MikroTik wiki.
  2. Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3G

    • pros:

      • PRICE (you could get it from China for ~35-40$)
      • custom firmware (with English interface) is available
    • cons:

      • only 2 ethernet ports (+ 1 "WAN")
      • stock firmware is in chinese
      • flash of custom firmware is tricky

Other options to consider:

  1. SNR-CPE-ME1
  2. ASUS RT-AC68U

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