I am building a software stack on top of a Debian OS/kernel, which handles communication as well (BT and raw sockets). I am currently working with the Raspberry Pi (and BeagleBone), but I need a new microcontroller since the Raspberry Pi lacks certain key features. My requirements are:

  1. At least 40 GPIO pins; out of which at least 8 analog pins.
  2. A microcontroller or development board that supports Debian.
  3. Preferably has built-in WiFI and BLE support, or supports shields for the same.

Conversely, recommendations and/or links for building an own stack based on an ARM CORTEX would also do. I'd appreciate any recommendations and/or links for the above.


BeagleBone Black is perfect the match for your project and it also fulfills all your requirements:

  1. It has 46 GPIO pins and 7 analog pins; if you need extra you can use an external ADC circuit.
  2. It supports Debian, Android, Ubuntu and much more.
  3. The BeagleBone Black Wireless is the latest revision of the BeagleBone family adding WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.
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