quI'm trying to setup a gigabits wifi: - around 20+ clients, but around 4 require a actual gigabit links. - Clients are in a 15meter range 49 (feet?)

I was dealing with a non-pro configuration at the moment : NETGEAR Orbi Ultimate Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (Router + 2 Satellite Extenders), (6000 sq ft Coverage)AC3000 (RBK53)

The issue with this, (not to mention the leak of VLAN and etc) is the speed...

I did some iPerf and even an ethernet link from the router > to the Orbi AP, the link is between 500/680Mb/s only (so not gonna even mention WiFi speed).

I was thinking : EdgeRouter 12 + Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD * 2

or I read some post mentioning this setup :

UAP-AC-HD * 2 1 switch (perhaps a unifi-switch-8) UBIQUITI Networks Unifi Security Gateway

Although I read some review saying that the DPI/IPS from the security gateway does reduce the speed a lot.

What should I go for?

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