I'm considering getting into app development and also into mobile games development... I have a C# / C++ background. Now I'd like to get a new challenge and start programming for iOS since at work all I see is .Net / C# so I need some diversity.

I'm considering buying the new Mac Mini (2018) for that reason so I'd be able to create apps for iOS. Also I never owned a mac machine so it would be my first (despite my iPhone).

Other usages would maybe be recording some music since I rap out of boredom sometimes and maybe some easy photo / video editing. I would mainly be targeting 2D mobile games with SpriteKit (or what else will come handy and look interessting to me).

Will a Mac Mini (2018) with i5 processor be enough for my demands or will I have to look for something else and invest more?

PS: sorry for the bad grammar, english isn't my first language. :p


The 2018 Mac Mini is pretty decent a development platform. You may want to bump up your memory to 8GB because compiling games and other kinds of large projects require quite a bit.

Since you mentioned you want to develop apps and mobile games, hardware limitations may be good indicators to whether you'd over-consume system resources.

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