So, basically, I'm looking for any kind of Android tablet with tiny bezels and the size of the iPad Pro 11". If the aspect ratio is somewhere from 4:3 to a 4.3:3, is a super plus (actual aspect ratio for that mentioned iPad).

I want to use it for:

  1. Reading
  2. Media consumption
  3. Web surfing
  4. And all the light stuff that tablets are for

I don't want to pay those $800+, simply because I don't need all the power of that iPad. I don't need a pencil, nor any other fancy things. Just tiny bezels, that aspect ratio (if possible), and Android.

Do you know any?

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Have you considered the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ($649)? It has a 10.5 inch screen, 64GB of storage, the bezels aren’t as thin.

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