I'm searching for a USB wifi card which allows me to inject packages at a high rate (>6Mbit/s), as well as monitor them in Linux. If possible it should also support a high MTU (2300). Also, good or opensource drivers are needed as I need to get it running on an embedded ARM board. Should be relatively small and lightweight and quite cheap as I need a lot of them.

EU Market

I don't care about fancy features like Hardware Crypto and 5G.

Basically, I search for a card which I can give a buffer and say: Please send this on Channel x with a bitrate of y and the card will do it. As well as say please listen on channel x with a bitrate of y and give me everything you receive, no matter how garbled it is.

I know two chipsets which work fine for my application, but one is discontinued (ralink rt2770f) and the other is PCIex not USB (Intel® Wireless-AC 9560).


The Detroit DIY Electronics Wifi-5370-Antenna might be an option: http://detroit-electronics.com/Wifi_Adapter_Dongle_For_Raspberry_Pi/wifi-for-raspberry-pi-antenna

Chipset: RT5370

Great for ethical hacking projects (this model supports packet injection).

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  • @BennettYeo Asking for a EU device and recommending a site titled Detroid-electronics might be it. No clue otherwise. – Mast Jul 31 '19 at 11:25

Any Alfa adapter will probably do. A popular one:


Trust me, their products work a lot better than their site looks.

Most of their products are available in Europe, the stronger ones not legal to use at full power though.

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