I am getting tired of cross compilation.

I am looking for:

  • a cheap (sub $100, preferably sub $50) Intel based SBC
  • with some form of flash/eMMC (but not just micro SD card)
  • a UART (two would be nice)
  • and GPIO
  • with a selection of displays available (from 3 lines of text x32 chars to about a 7” colo(u)r display)
  • plus a 4x4 keypad, but I reckon the GPIO can take care of that
  • and the ability to drive some stepper motors (GPIO again)
  • WiFi would be a bonus
  • single core is just fine

I don’t need the following, though won’t reject anything with, if it doesn’t affect the price too much:

  • multicore
  • hi-res graphics / GPU
  • sound
  • camera
  • Bluetooth
  • SATA

To summarize, I am looking for something like a Raspberry Pi Zero W, with an some flash storage and an Intel processor which will let me develop on Windows / Linux without cross-compilation.


Cheap Intel SBCs

There is not much choice:

│ Name  ║  UP board  │  ATOMIC Pi  │
│ Price ║ > $ 109    │ > $ 35      │
│ Flash ║ 16 - 64 GB │ 16GB        │
│  UART ║ 1          │ 1           │
│  GPIO ║ 40         │ 26          │
  • I will leave this open for a day or tow, but am confident that we already have a winner. That Atomic Pi looks excellent !! Probably too much for me, to be honest :-) A killer will be if there is any way to use Pi/Arduino hats/shields; even if not, this is great. Thanx a 1,000,000 May 22 '19 at 15:31
  • I bought an Atomic PI ! Yay!! BUT, and a rally big but(t) - this Reddit thread says that the only reason that the Atomci Pi is so cheap is that they bought the boards job-lot from a failed Bosch project, so when they are old sold either there will be no more or they will be much more expensive. I still don't regret buying it, though -only $33 !! Jun 11 '19 at 14:46

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