Perhaps this ought to be two questions? If so, please answer for the SBC and I will ask another for the device to be tracked (or, I could just start with two SBC to get the software worked out).

I am very interested in the new aspects of BT 5 which are aimed at IoT and asset tracking.

Does anyone know of an SBC (Raspberry/Orang PI and the like) which already supports BT5?

If not, is there another option, maybe a USB device – with driver – which I could use?

Which, of course, leaves me needing something to track; preferably something powered by a small watch cell type battery.

Low price is welcome, but for development, something with good support is probably better.

[Update] my answer to my other question shows what I used - a wrist mounted ESP32, with BT & WiFI for less than $15 (!)

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