My laptop's failing and it's past time I bought a new one. Requirements:

  • Primarily for gaming, although I will also be running computation-intensive software on it (such as Mathematica).
  • Must have good wireless connectivity (important!)
  • Should be reasonably future-proof
  • Should have good warranty coverage (but I'll figure this one out myself of course)
  • I'm budgeting around US$1500, and can go higher if the specs are appropriate.
  • Screen size at least 15", 17" okay as well
  • Not particularly interested in ray tracing, since if I play games I usually play quite competitively (i.e. FPS is more important).

As it is I've narrowed my options to these three models, and am wondering which is best. The GTX 2060 is the newest graphics card around my budget range, but from the reviews I've seen the performance seems to be around the same as the GTX 1070. This seems to indicate that the second model is inferior to the first, especially since the first model is not only cheaper, it also has a better CPU. Finally, the third model seems like an exceptionally good deal for its price, but it's refurbished, and I've never bought a refurbished computer before.

Which should I get? I'm not particularly expert on hardware unfortunately, and can't assess many of the more technical components on the specs sheets (e.g. is Intel 9560 Jefferson Peak (2x2 802.11ac) even good? How does it compare to Intel Wireless-AC 9560 (2x2 ac)?). If there's a better model than these three for my requirements as well, I'm also interested in them.

Lenovo's apparently making a new laptop with the 2060 that's even better value (under $1000), but it's not scheduled for launch for months, and although I might be able to wait a month, I doubt I can wait till the second half of the year.

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