I'm looking for a motherboard that does not have UEFI. So far I been been unable to find any for sale, so thought asking here may be a good place to find some information. It is for a system that will be running a custom, bare bones Debian or Gentoo system. Its speed and compatibility with newer hardware are secondary as long as it only has BIOS. I am specifically looking to make it very difficult for malware able to edit UEFI start up code to survive a full system wipe.

The only other hardware requirements I have are that it be ddr3 compatible, capable of wired networking (makes no difference if it is built in or not), and is newer than 2000. I am going to tailor the entire system to the motherboard and design the OS accordingly as well.

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  • I don't think you'll find a "modern" board that does this. Do you have any requirements for age of board (ie. new in the last year, new in the last 5 years, last decade)? What about processor requirements (AMD, Intel, etc)? Price requirements? Any other hardware it has to support, memory limits, network speed, etc? Form factor (if it matters)? I'm going to put this on hold as to broad until we get a few more details, but will gladly reopen it when those have been provided. – Andy Jan 25 at 14:21
  • You can turn OFF UEFI support on many motherboards. Is this and option, or do you require no hardware support for UEFI? – cybernard Jan 26 at 14:13
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