I'm looking for a small wired keyboard that could be used with a mobile phone (capable of USB OTG).


  1. USB connection, preferably microUSB connector (to remove the need for reductions)

  2. foldable (e.g. like HB066)

  3. preferably without wireless capabilities

  4. may include touchpad

  5. may need batteries

The question is similar to Wired USB connected foldable keyboard with mouse?, apart from the requirement to include touch area.

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Take a look at this:

Foldable Keyboard, Jelly Comb B003S 3-in-1 (USB/Microusb/Type C) Wired & BT Keyboard with Touchpad Compatible for All Devices Windows PC iOS Android Tablet-Black

Seems to match everything (but does include Bluetooth as well.)


iClever BK05 fits my bill for now. It does have Bluetooth, but is also able to work via USB.

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