About ten years back there was a range of products all called Yoggie. Some of them were bigger, some of them looked like bulky USB sticks (i.e. too wide to fit other USB plugs next to them), called Yoggie Pico.

On them was - as far as I know - a XScale-based Linux system which was running netfilter (or perhaps its predecessor, I don't remember). It used a method similar to PoisonTap to pose as USB-Ethernet device to the host system and (ab)use the fact that DHCP was enabled to push default routes to itself and thereby being a firewall on a system logically separate from the host.

Is anyone aware of a USB device - preferably even tinier than the original Yoggies - that could perform a similar task at contemporary higher throughput rates (both USB and Ethernet)? Price should preferably be below 200 USD.

  • I'm curious, what are you planning to do with the device? It sounds like a very interesting project :)
    – Navin
    Mar 28 at 13:48

One device I found which allows this and is considerably cheaper than the Yoggies were is the Microuter (formal model name GL.iNet GL-USB150).

It is somewhat bigger than the Yoggie Pico (mostly longer), but given it runs OpenWRT (albeit customized) it is somewhat more accessible than the Yoggies were at the time.

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