I've a Thinkpad X1 3rd generation tablet, which has thunderbolt 3 slots. I am thinking about getting an external GPU enclosure since the thunderbolt 3 protocol itself supports interfacing with PCIe. What I'm looking for is a basic thunderbolt 3 to PCIe adapter. Basically just the cable with the necessary controller board.

I already have a GTX 1060 and a power supply, which is why I thought maybe I could get away cheaper if I just bought an adapter without all the extra stuff. I also don't have a set budget, but 300$ or more is a lot for just the enclosure in my opinion.

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    These are good questions, but we specialize more at finding something that works, rather than explaining the underlying specifics. Try asking this question on electronics.stackexchange.com, and post a comment to the URL so we can follow it. – Alex Jan 2 at 12:44
  • I was redirected here. I think the question if actual adapters exist still fits in here. I'll post the rest elsewhere – Jeffrey Jan 2 at 17:09
  • Yeah it's more complicated than you're imagining, you need a controller on the other end, along with (usually) power delivery, other I/O, etc. Some are more simplistic than others, but the suggestion of just wiring a cable to a riser won't work AFAIK. That said, if you could rewrite your question in the form of a hardware recommendation, that'd be good. Else, try superuser. – JMY1000 Jan 5 at 19:10
  • @JMY1000 right thanks for the recommendations. I changed my post accordingly – Jeffrey Jan 5 at 21:25
  • What laptop do you have? Do you already have a GPU you want to use with the enclosure? If so, what? If not, what's your total budget? – JMY1000 Jan 6 at 22:13

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