I am trying to find and buy cheap computer case with 2 fan liquid cooler. Like this:

enter image description here

However, I've been having trouble finding cases that fit this description:

  • With "liquid cooler" keywords I found liquid coolers, of course (mixed with cases).
  • Often "liquid cooler" support means that case have holes for cooler, but no place for radiator.
  • Often I've found cases with top 2 fans, but not enough space for the cooler itself.

Is there some standard or abbreviation that identifies whether a case supports the installation of such coolers?

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The vast majority of modern tower cases (and many smaller cases) support at least a 240mm radiator with fans in some configuration. AFAIK, there is no standardized compatibility keyword; however, most manufacturers make it clear in their documentation what radiators are supported (both footprint and thickness.)

One useful tool is PCPartPicker. To check compatibility, you can start a new system build, add a radiator, then go to cases and with "Enable compatibility filter" checked, browse the list of cases.

enter image description here

If you have other constraints in mind, please post them so we can help get you a more specific recommendation.

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