I operate a two-computer setup with multiple displays and a plethora of USB devices. I have a pretty excellent KVM switch, that I'm generally very happy with; but I often need to switch the keyboard/mouse separately from the monitor. (i.e., I don't actually use the ‘K’ and ‘M’ in my KVM 🤣.)

At the moment, I have a four-port USB-switch that I'm using to augment that. In particular, it has:

  1. Separate power-supply (weirdly, also over USB; but hey, whatever),
  2. Four output ports,
  3. USB-3.0 support,
  4. and a wired remote, so I can control it from the front of my desk.

The problem I'm still suffering, though, is a subset thereof: right now, my shared display has independent control through the KVM; but my keyboard, mouse, DAC/speakers, and smartcard authentication setup (<3 Yubikey!) are all linked together. This means that anytime I want to type some text into my PC, I hit the remote's button under my desk, and … my music cuts out, my Mac locks itself (because I've ‘removed’ my smartcard), and Windows beeps a bajillion times as it briefly recognizes new devices. ಠ_ಠ

So, what I really want, I've belatedly realized, is a USB switch with:

  1. At least two host-side USB 3.0 connections,
  2. at least four individually-switchable USB 3.0 ports for devices,
  3. if possible, an independent power-supply, not bus power,
  4. if possible, maintained power to the switched devices, regardless of what they're currently connected to,
  5. and if possible, some sort of remote head — or most preferably, software control from the hosts (I'd love to be able to hack together a key combination that switches devices!), so I can keep the dang thing hidden away behind my desk.

Cost is no object, this is for my primary workstation.

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