I currently cannot boot my PC due to an incompatible memory. I am looking for ECC ram compatible with these components:

  • AMD RYZEN5 2600
  • Asus X470-PLUS GAMING

I know the motherboard and the CPU can run ECC memory, but apparently I am not able to find a memory really compatible.

I have tried:

  • Crucial CT8G4RFS4266 8Go (DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, SR x4, ECC, Registered)
  • Kingston KVR21R15D8/8 RAM 8Go (2133MHz DDR4 ECC Reg CL15)

I am pretty sure it is the RAM causing problems, since with other DIMMs it boots seamlessly.

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Your motherboard does support ECC memory, but probably not registered. If you absolutly want ECC memory, try to find ECC Unbuffered memory, like Crucial CT16G4WFD824A for example.

FIY, another related question that was asked yesterday, Will a non-ECC memory work with motherboard and CPU that supports ECC?

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