I want to buy a flagship phone (like iPhone X) or an action Camera (like Go-pro 7) but i only have budget for only one of these. I am not an everyday adventure seeker but occasionally when i do I like to record the whole experience than just take few clicks of it. As an example, I like to record all the activities i do in a video than taking photos. I know action cameras like Go-pro are made for that but I am concerned that it could be a foolish buy compared to how advanced new phones these days are. So my question is should i buy action cam anyway just keeping my old phone with it or buy a new flagship phone and get more than just video recording and photographing abilities.

  • This is not a "help me decide" forum, but for helping you find the "right" camera, eg. in case you decided to do it with a camera. However, in your case, the question is simple, so I'll answer it anyways. You should definitely buy an action camera -- since they have many adaptations (e.g. better shock resistance, being waterproof) that a phone, and their battery life is much better than for a phone doing the same thing. – Alex Dec 7 at 0:43

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