Wireless AD now has a 60GHz frequency band. Because of its immense bandwidth, I'd like to measure, how much ElectroMagnetic Radiation I am exposed to when I am in its vicinity. However, the EMR safety superstore does not have anything that can measure over 18GHz. After searching around on the internet, even the most sophisticated, computer-linked spectrum analyzer only has capabilities up to 20GHz. Ironically, their company has an antenna which can amplify signal up to 35GHz, in order to help EMR measurement devices determine, where the signal is coming from. Still nowhere close to the 60GHz though. So few similar questions:

  • Is there any spectrum analyzer that can measure frequencies higher than 20GHz?

  • Is there anything that can measure at least up to 35GHz, making full use of their antenna?

  • Is there anything that can measure Wireless AD signal strength? I read abstracts of articles where its levels were measured, but I don't have access to the articles themselves, to see how these levels were measured.

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    60 Ghz radio waves require line-of-sight and are significantly attenuated by oxygen in the air. The IEEE 802.11ad bands are not going to be useful for most consumer WiFi applications, definitely not suitable for a household WiFi network. I think it will be unlikely that you will even be exposed to any radiation from WiFi AD unless you're concerned about a device you're using for yourself or in the workplace.
    – Romen
    Dec 11 '19 at 20:30
  • +1 for pointing out that 60GHz is attenuated by oxygen. I know that ADT, which runs at 95GHz, is not, and I did not realize that 60GHz is fundamentally different. So then it's a matter of making sure that there is some obstacle between me and the radio source in the workplace.
    – Alex
    Dec 16 '19 at 12:17

It appears to me that SAF Tehnika J0SSAP60 is exactly what you are looking for - https://www.saftehnika.com/en/ebandspectrumcompact

It is a has a bandwidth of 56 to 67 GHz, but you would need to get a quote from the manufacturer to buy it.

SAF Tehnika J0SSAP60

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