I need a printer that I can keep in my car in the hot summer months, for making copies of important documents such as contracts, that I frequently have to turn in. I already have a portable scanner which can scan to an SD card, and a SD-to-USB adapter. So what I would need is probably a printer that:

  • Does not use InkJet technology, since ink dries up from the heat in the car. Technologies I've found that can work: Laser, Dye Sublimation, Thermal Wax Transfer, Direct Thermal, maybe some others?

  • Can print at least on at least 4"-wide paper (at least 5" is strongly preferred)

  • Can run off of a battery. Or at least, have a DC input, so I can connect an external battery to it.

  • [preferred] Can print off of a USB stick or a memory card, so I don't have to get another scanner. In general, might be worth mentioning, printing over which of the following it supports: PC, Mac, USB, SD, WiFi, BlueTooth, PictBridge.

Also, things that I don't care about, but might be important for others in this situation, so it might be worth mentioning if you know:

  • Can it print in color?

  • What paper / ink does it use, to help gauging the cost per page?

  • Maximum length of an image it can print.

  • Number of seconds it takes to print a single maximum-size picture.

  • How frequently does it jam / have other technical issues?

  • Have you considered an invertor, that you plug into your cigarette lighter and it gives you a regular outlet? Yes, the number of amps is less than a regular outlet, but then almost any low powered printer works. – cybernard Dec 14 '18 at 19:18
  • That would work, but there is no such thing as a low-power laser printer -- since it needs power to burn the toner onto the paper. (reference: forums.anandtech.com/threads/…) And a low-power ink printer would still face the problem of ink drying up in the car. Feel free to post an answer if you can find a workaround. – Alex Dec 15 '18 at 21:58

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