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Nov 8 '16 at 16:31 comment added Brett Bergan Good points all. I based estimates on TDP ratings which are maximum rated power draw. Normal CPU power requirements tend to run about 60% of TDP. Cooling will use maybe 10W rather than 25W. I have used many inferior PSUs over the last 20 years and they do tend to burn out after 3-5 years of daily use. I was figuring that with such an excellent system, 600W would allow for overclocking and future upgrading to either 32GB RAM or another 1060 in SLI.
Nov 2 '16 at 9:09 comment added Alpinwolf I have to disagree. First, estimating over 500W for that configuration does not accurately reflect real power draw, even when burning in a system. That CPU and GPU are more energy efficient than many years of their predecessors, and there is no disk-based storage. There are beefier systems that run on much less. Anand reviewed a Falcon NW Tiki in 2013 that uses only a 450w PSU, driving a last-gen Titan. anandtech.com Second: Never go cheap with your PSU. Get new a quality brand, like Corsair, Silverstone, or SeaSonic. Try: amzn.com/B00918MEZG
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