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Top new questions this week:

CPU for a developer machine

Without getting into the debate about whether AMD or Intel is better, I need to build a new developer machine. I use a broad range of tools on primarily Windows. Things that probably matter: I ...

processor development  
asked by Darthg8r 4 votes
answered by K7AAY 1 vote

I am looking for recomendation for tablet-like device for personalized software

I need personalized software for myself and I am looking for a dedicated tablet-like device to run this software. Software would be mostly CRUD applications for objects made mostly from text and ...

android tablet windows 4k  
asked by pogeba8855 3 votes

Which of the following laptop out of 3 should I buy?

I am going to be buying a new laptop but I am stuck between the following three choices. I would appreciate any advice that would help me make the best decision. Laptop Use: Heavy Programming: VS ...

asked by Animesh Sahu 2 votes
answered by Alphy13 2 votes

Good consumer router that offers genuinely secure remote file access to USB drive, such as native SFTP or FTPS (FTP over TLS)

I'm looking for a router that offers a demonstrably secure way to remotely access files on a hard drive attached via USB 3. Many routers with USB ports allow you to attach a drive, and often offer an ...

asked by Virgil Ierubino 2 votes
answered by Alphy13 1 vote

Small projector for affixing to a robot

I'm heading a research project in my robotics lab, and I'm looking for a small projector to affix to the top support structure of a LoCoBot. My plan is to have data/videos/images fed to the projector ...

linux projector  
asked by Elias 2 votes
answered by K7AAY 0 votes

Simple mouse for big palms

I've above average sized palms. I'm looking for a simple mouse which I can use comfortably for my daily purpose. And which can last longer than 1 year. In past I've tried a few big ones but they ...

pc mice  
asked by rahul s 1 vote
answered by fred_dot_u 1 vote

Good budget headphones

Can anyone recommend some good over-ear wired headphones around £50 / €55 / $60 that punch above their weight (pricewise) like the Superlux HD668B did a few years back or the Klipsch Image S4 did a ...

audio headphones  
asked by Sam 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

VR headset as huge resolution monitor?

I've currently got 4 monitors on my workstation, but I still want more desktop space. Is there a head-tracking VR headset (either augmented reality or such that a keyboard can still be seen/used ...

asked by James 23 votes
answered by enderland 15 votes

Cheapest fanless Linux Intel laptop with a display 13 inches or larger

Fan sound drives me crazy I want Linux, not Windows nor ChromeOS. I do not need games nor 3D, probably console tty only. Displays smaller than 13" are too small Intel has better Linux support than ...

laptop linux  
asked by MetNP 6 votes
answered by Journeyman Geek 4 votes

What general purpose Android (non-telephone) pocket devices are currently available?

For a couple years I had a Samsung Galaxy Player. It was classified as an MP3 player for insurance purposes, as it didn't have telephone functionality, but it was a fully capable Android device ...

asked by PTBNL 13 votes
answered by SSumner 3 votes

CPU recommendation: Programming + Gaming

I'm building a new PC but I'm stuck at one thing. What CPU should I choose if what I do mostly is programming & gaming? I saw opinions here and there saying Intel's CPUs would be good, others ...

asked by Adrian Pop 10 votes
answered by Rudra Matroja 7 votes

Which modern CPU for best single-threaded performance?

Which of modern (desktop PC) CPUs would provide best performance in single-threaded applications? There are some games that haven't been optimized for multi-core use, and the CPU speed is their ...

pc processor  
asked by SF. 14 votes
answered by timuzhti 9 votes

Are there ANY USB-C 'splitters' (hubs with multiple USB-C ports) in existence?

While hubs can be found that adapt USB-C to many USB 3.0 ports, or to mDP etc., it seems there is no product out there that simply turns a single USB-C into two or more USB-C ports? Is there a ...

asked by Bibby 33 votes
answered by ivaan 18 votes

USB "hub" with many inputs

I would like to make it more convenient to access the rear panel if my computer, by connecting an extension cord with many ports (preferably 2 or 4). The problem is that I only find USB hubs (which ...

usb hub  
asked by John Doe 7 votes
answered by Zoredache 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

USB Camera for filming insects

I want to do a little study where I need to analyze the behaviour of insects like flies, bees and mosquitos. For this, I want to attach at least one USB camera to my computer, in order to do live ...

camera video-camera  
asked by hey0 1 vote
answered by Jsk 0 votes

MP3 player for running

I am looking for an MP3 player for running. Must have: display (rudimentary is fine, but no button-only operation) shuffle play (random selection for playback) Nice to have: runner friendly ...

asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica 1 vote

Profile 30a or 35b VDSL2 Modem

We are looking to replace our current integrated VDSL Modem/Router (a horrid Vodafone branded Technicolor router with no modem mode) with a separate modem. We already have routing and Wi-Fi handled by ...

ethernet modem dsl  
asked by Mark Booth 1 vote
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