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Top new questions this week:

Is there a Bluetooth device that one can connect a wired headset

I'm trying to achieve two goals. Use my headset without plugging it into my phone configure smart lock with the bluetooth so my cell phone stays unlocked while in my home office. Currently I have a ...

bluetooth headphones  
asked by Jason 2 votes
answered by Jack Soldano 2 votes

Wireless earphones with great device pairing and reconnecting

After a little investigation and finding a balance between price and features, I got a great deal getting the Xiaomi Air2 SE. They seemed great on paper, but after trying them, their greatest feature ...

asked by Korcholis 1 vote

Thunderbolt 3 dock with USB 2.0 (*not* USB 3) controller

I have a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 ports, to which I want to connect an Allen & Heath digital mixing desk via USB to be able to capture multi-channel audio. This desk uses isochronous mode ...

usb thunderbolt  
asked by Ian Roberts 1 vote

Looking for a decent small mic for video recording

I have came across this video. The vLogger has a mic in his hand. The same can be seen in his shirt neck in this another video I'm trying to order this from Amazon in India but I cannot find it. I ...

asked by Zameer 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Single board computer with 2 GBit ethernet ports

I am looking for a single board computer with 2x1 GBit ethernet ports, on board. Should come with SATA and/or USB 3. Either x86 or ARM is ok, as long as it runs Linux.

motherboard linux ethernet  
asked by maxschlepzig 1 vote
answered by Journeyman Geek 4 votes

Electronic drum kit compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One

I am looking into getting a electronic drum kit that I can use for both recreational use (like an acoustic drum set) and for Rock Band 4, preferably with pro-cymbal support. I was thinking about ...

gaming music midi  
asked by Simple Sandman 6 votes
answered by Simple Sandman 3 votes

External fan for over-heating laptop

I've got a 13" laptop that I've had for a few years now, and it's been working perfectly until a couple weeks ago. It's a Dell Inspiron laptop. However, a few weeks ago, one of the fan has burnt out, ...

usb laptop ventilation  
asked by Zizouz212 14 votes
answered by Juan Carlos Coto 9 votes

Is the GeForce 940MX good enough for graphic design?

I want to build this laptop for graphic design purposes (Photoshop, illustrator, indesign, ect). No 3D for the moment. The laptop specifications are: Dell Vostro 5568 Intel Core i7 7500U 2700 Mhz ...

laptop graphics-cards  
asked by Gulzar 1 vote
answered by Igor Moura 2 votes

M.2 NVMe x4 adapter card for PCIe x1 slot

I am trying to find something that is exceptionally weird and bizarre. I want to use a M.2 NVMe x4 SSD in a PCI-Express x1 slot. x4 NVMe SSDs directly use PCIe bus protocol, and so can be directly ...

ssd pcie  
asked by Dale Mahalko 2 votes
answered by Dale Mahalko 2 votes

Effective laptop intel processor for virtual machines

I would like to choose a new laptop and then run host OS (Win, Linux) and as many virtual machines as possible (Debian with DE, 384-512MB, for simple users, just to log in and check their emails via ...

processor virtual-machines  
asked by peter 4 votes
answered by MagnaVis 4 votes

Cheapest x86 machine?

I was looking for a cheap x86 machine for assembly development and other hackery and I was wondering if such a system exists. The system must meet the following requirements: Under $100 including ...

embedded-systems mini-pc micro-pc thin-mini-itx  
asked by user288937 12 votes
answered by john kieran 8 votes
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