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Top new questions this week:

Using an old phone (RJ11) to make Wi-Fi / VoLTE calls

I am aware that there are devices where you plug a SIM card and they will emulate RJ11 for an old school phone (e.g. this ). I would however need the device to connect to (not provide!) WiFi and be ...

wifi telephony voip  
user avatar asked by Martin Modrák Score of 1

Does some monitor technologies cause more eyestrain?

I have 30" 4K IPS LED, and have huge eyestrain. Can IPS LED technology cause more eyestrain then others, what are reasons to eyestrain and tips to avoid it?

user avatar asked by user628075 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Buzzyy Score of 1

UK Layout foldable bluetooth keyboard with touchpad

I'm looking for a foldable bluetooth keyboard and touchpad combination to use with my Steamdeck. Must haves: UK layout (with \ between left shift and z and a large Return key) Staggered keys over ...

keyboards bluetooth portable  
user avatar asked by James Thorpe Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are mechanical keyboards too high/bulky for ergonomic typing?

I'm a software developer by trade so I type a lot for extended periods. For the past 3 years i've been using the apple full sized aluminum keyboard for both work and home use. Two major positives ...

keyboards ergonomics  
user avatar asked by bradforj287 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Adam Wykes Score of 2

External android compass

I recently bought a new android phone to get a bigger screen, thinking about using it for VR too. However, I found out it doesn't have a compass (I didn't even think it was mandatory). Even though I ...

user avatar asked by Oxen Eknat Score of 2

Geforce 4060 or 3060 (Ti) for Blender PC Build

Hellooo! I am going to build my first Blender PC. I have been working on a Macbook Pro (2016) for many years so I am not very up to date with PC components. I have a budget of €1000. So far I have ...

user avatar asked by DPlayground Score of 2
user avatar answered by Irsu85 Score of 0

What is the max USB cable type-A male to type-c male Volt/current/Wattage possible?

I am struggling to understand USB type-C specifications in terms of power supply, took me a lot to figure out about USB data bandwidth but now that type-C is used to charge mobiles need to learn more. ...

usb power-supply usb-c cable  
user avatar asked by pippo1980 Score of 1
user avatar answered by pippo1980 Score of 0

2nd SSD in HP EliteBook 820 G3

The HP EliteBook 820 G3 manual states that either a hard drive or a SSD might be installed (page 36). And not both at the same time. Thus, as-is, one can't install two SSD modules in that machine. ...

laptop ssd sata  
user avatar asked by maxschlepzig Score of 6
user avatar answered by LiveWireBT Score of 5

Cheapest x86 machine?

I was looking for a cheap x86 machine for assembly development and other hackery and I was wondering if such a system exists. The system must meet the following requirements: Under $100 including ...

embedded-systems mini-pc micro-pc thin-mini-itx  
user avatar asked by user288937 Score of 13
user avatar answered by Ulincsys Score of 8

Upgrade HDD to SSD for Dell Inspiron 5558

I have a Dell Inspiron 5558 with following configuration. Intel Core i5 5250U 1.6GHz 8GB RAM NVidia 920M 4GB Windows 10 Updated to latest stable 1TB 5400 RPM WD HDD Now the problem is, I can't use ...

laptop hard-disk ssd performance  
user avatar asked by Mahadev Score of 3
user avatar answered by SEJPM Score of 4

Can you answer this question?

Wireless USB: usb wifi pair device that creates a usb connection?

Wireless USB: usb wifi pair device that creates a usb connection? I am looking for this: the device is not a wifi device that connects to any network. it is a wifi that connects only on the other ...

usb wireless  
user avatar asked by Gussak Thor Score of 1
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