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What is the difference between "M.2 PCIe NVMe" and "M.2 2280, PCIe-NVMe, TLC"

Just trying to figure out what is the difference between M.2 PCIe NVMe and M.2 2280, PCIe-NVMe, TLC ?? I need to choose one. I mean which one is better? Thanks

asked by ViKiNG 1 vote
answered by Jan Dorniak 2 votes

Notebook that supports 32 GB RAM

I'm searching for a notebook that supports 32 GB RAM. You can recommend one or multiple (all notebooks with 32 GB RAM support you know) devices. I have already tried to find something by myself, but ...

laptop memory  
asked by user1433 9 votes
answered by Aiden Grossman 2 votes

Which cheap microcontroller with Wi-Fi to choose for IoT endpoint devices?

I want to gather data from multiple sensors, make simple operations on them (like store last samples in a buffer, calculate moving average, etc.) and send them to the Internet of Things cloud using ...

wifi microcontroller internet-of-things  
asked by niutech 6 votes
answered by niutech 4 votes

Power bank for gaming laptop

I have an Aorus X5-MD gaming laptop (Aorus is the gaming division of Gigabyte, and appears to share some hardware, including the power system.) which has an input power specification of 19.5VDC 10.5A, ...

laptop power-bank  
asked by Monty Wild 1 vote
answered by japandude 1 vote

Wireless card for a DIY Linux router/firewall

I have some nice wireless consumer routers, but will soon be running into their limits in terms of bandwidth/throughput capabilities (assuming my ISP delivers on 1Gb connections). Hence, I am looking ...

networking linux wifi  
asked by Adam Comerford 11 votes
answered by Renaud Cerrato 3 votes

Low-resolution USB webcam

I would like a USB webcam with a low resolution, perhaps something like 160x120 and certainly under 640x480. It does not need to be cheap, so something that supports a range of resolutions in hardware ...

usb webcam  
asked by Jeremy 5 votes
answered by BigElittles 2 votes

Cheapest fanless Linux Intel laptop with a display 13 inches or larger

Fan sound drives me crazy I want Linux, not Windows nor ChromeOS. I do not need games nor 3D, probably console tty only. Displays smaller than 13" are too small Intel has better Linux support than ARM ...

laptop linux  
asked by MetNP 6 votes
answered by Journeyman Geek 4 votes
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