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Top new questions this week:

Suggest me phone with removable battery

Please suggest me phone with these requirements: Removable battery Dual sim 4 GB RAM or more Available extended battery not less than 8Ah Available bootloader unlocking Exclude LG V20

asked by vasik988 2 votes
answered by Natsu Kage 3 votes

Single Board Windows PC with 4K HDMI input and 4K Output

I would like to run a multimedia windows application to run on a compact single board computer. Here are the requirements: 4K HDMI input 4K HDMI output 2 USB 3.0 Windows OS Powerful board capable ...

pc hdmi 4k development-board  
asked by Veera 1 vote
answered by JMY1000 0 votes

Best way to browse the web with a TV?

Hi I need to acces the web from my TV. Specifically I need to access a web developped by me, where there is a map. I need it to move fluently with a mouse so most of the TV dongles / boxes / media ...

android television  
asked by Pedro Brost 1 vote
answered by Troy Blass 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

USB "hub" with many inputs

I would like to make it more convenient to access the rear panel if my computer, by connecting an extension cord with many ports (preferably 2 or 4). The problem is that I only find USB hubs (which ...

usb hub  
asked by John Doe 7 votes
answered by Zoredache 11 votes

Are there ANY USB-C 'splitters' (hubs with multiple USB-C ports) in existence?

While hubs can be found that adapt USB-C to many USB 3.0 ports, or to mDP etc., it seems there is no product out there that simply turns a single USB-C into two or more USB-C ports? Is there a ...

asked by Bibby 29 votes
answered by ivaan 15 votes

Laptop for data science

What are the laptops which are most suited for data scientists and analysts? As we deal with heavy computations and also need to generate visualizations, something which can take the toll of it, ...

asked by Dawny33 12 votes
answered by Franck Dernoncourt 5 votes

Netgear XR500 vs ASUS ROG AC5300: Which is the better option with my configuration?

After agonizing for days and being an irritant all over Stack Exchange trying to sort out my networking woes, I've narrowed down my current purchase needs to fit one of two routers. One is the ...

gaming wireless networking router  
asked by CDove 2 votes

Graphics card that can support three monitors

I want to use multiple monitors for my PC, three in total. I would like to know what graphics card would run: 2 24" full-HD monitors 1 21" HD-ready monitors All monitors support 1920x1080 max ...

graphics-cards multiple-monitors  
asked by Giwrgos Gkogkas 15 votes
answered by Adam Wykes 6 votes

Electronic drum kit compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One

I am looking into getting a electronic drum kit that I can use for both recreational use (like an acoustic drum set) and for Rock Band 4, preferably with pro-cymbal support. I was thinking about ...

gaming music midi  
asked by Simple Sandman 6 votes
answered by Simple Sandman 3 votes

Seagate Hard Drive RPM

I'm looking to replace a backup drive that died. I was considering a Seagate Barracuda drive (ST2000DM001) which is listed as 7200 RPM. Amazon reports a newer version of the drive (ST2000DM006), which ...

hard-disk backup  
asked by Nathan S. 2 votes
answered by Adam Wykes 3 votes

Can you answer this question?

Multi Device Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

I am looking for a keyboard (and optionally a mouse) that is Bluetooth-enabled and backlit and can switch between different Bluetooth devices (pc and tablet/phone).

keyboards bluetooth mice  
asked by gyurisc 1 vote
answered by Jan Dorniak 0 votes
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