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Top new questions this week:

Make graphics card meet Fusion360 requirements

I want to use Fusion 360 to learn 3D printing on my computer, a 5 years old Inspiron 15 3000 series. Yet, when I use Fusion 360, it is quite slow and I have a "Graphics Banner" which ...

asked by Revolucion for Monica 1 vote
answered by fred_dot_u 0 votes

Best way to build a board

I hope this is the right site for this question; if not please advice where best to ask. First off, I have no idea about hardware, I am a software guy.^^ I am looking for a cheap, easy way to create a ...

motherboard raspberry-pi embedded-systems  
asked by Dirk 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Additional SSD for MSI GE62 APACHE PRO?

I am planning to get the MSI GE62 Apache Pro 15.6 FHD i7-6700HQ 8GB 1TB GTX970M 3GB laptop. I also want to get an extra 128GB of SSD (so I'll have a hybrid of 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD). The problem is ...

memory ssd  
asked by Deividas 3 votes
answered by benjamin 3 votes

Cheapest Mac for Xamarin.iOS development in Visual Studio

Referring to this answer (on stackoverflow) to develop application in Xamarin.iOS using Visual Studio on my Windows 10 PC i will need Mac with requirements listed below (it can be found in this link): ...

laptop desktop pc  
asked by ivaan 3 votes
answered by Journeyman Geek 2 votes

SSD, better to choose kingston, crucial or western digital?

I'm building a laptop and I'm going to swap the internal HDD with an SSD, but since I have never used one, I do not know which is the best. I admit that I do not know much about SSDs and I do not know ...

asked by Varzy 2 votes
answered by Bennett Yeo 2 votes

a good ethereum mining GPU

I'm looking for a good ethereum mining GPU. I heard it's mostly memory bandwidth intensive, so I rounded up the specs of the latest cards from Wikipedia and came up this (prices are in CAD.): card ...

asked by enigmaticPhysicist 3 votes
answered by Kaito 3 votes

Electronic drum kit compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One

I am looking into getting a electronic drum kit that I can use for both recreational use (like an acoustic drum set) and for Rock Band 4, preferably with pro-cymbal support. I was thinking about ...

gaming music midi  
asked by Simple Sandman 6 votes
answered by Simple Sandman 3 votes

Small LineageOS phone, either cheap or rugged

I'm searching for a phone which meets those requirements: Either below $100, or rugged (that is, I want to minimize cost of use. And I tend to drop things) No larger than 4.5", but the smaller the ...

android smartphones  
asked by Nobody 4 votes
answered by K7AAY 0 votes

Are there ANY USB-C 'splitters' (hubs with multiple USB-C ports) in existence?

While hubs can be found that adapt USB-C to many USB 3.0 ports, or to mDP etc., it seems there is no product out there that simply turns a single USB-C into two or more USB-C ports? Is there a ...

asked by Bibby 36 votes
answered by ivaan 18 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Which home/small business routers allow to define exceptions in QoS?

I have this configuration: [home network] -> [router] -> [ISP router] -> (Internet) |-> private sites in network ISP route private ...

router networking  
asked by Sylwester Zarębski 1 vote

Lap-top for Matlab and Blender users

I am not a connoisseur on the subject, but I need to buy a laptop. I will be using Matlab (and Simulink) and Blender. The characteristics that I think could be more relevant in this case are the RAM (&...

laptop processor memory  
asked by axel 1 vote

Conference microphone that can be daisy chained?

I'm looking for a conference microphone, similar to something out of the Jabra Speak series. My requirements are: Must be combined speaker and microhpone. Must have omnidirectional microphone ...

asked by Anders 1 vote
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