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Top new questions this week:

Feedback on Toshiba Tecra C40-D[-00D] & alternatives

TL;DR The specs for the Tecra C40-D seem to be in the ball park of what my gut tells me I need: 500+ GB HDD 8-16 GB RAM 14" display Keyboard tactile feedback; touchpad responsiveness and accuracy ...

asked by user2153235 1 vote

Graphics card for recording screen video (Win 10), PCI express 2.0 x16 slot

I have a home built computer with an ASRock Z68-Pro3-M motherboard and an Intel Core i5. It's a good computer and does what I need. However, I'm sometimes in the need of doing screen recordings and ...

graphics-cards windows  
asked by Michael 1 vote
answered by Romen 1 vote

SSD for Sony Vaio-71614M

I want to get a SSD 500 gb for Sony Vaio-71614M, I am willing to spend between 20 and 50 euros. If possible a SSD with a SLC memory. Do you guys have any advice or product recomendation?

laptop ssd  
asked by Juan Vega Seco 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Wireless Client Bridge and POE PSE in one brick

We have a telecommuting employee who will be using an 802.3af-compliant IP phone at her desk, but she doesn't sit close to her router. In the past, we gave these types of employees a 802.3af POE ...

wifi poe  
asked by browly 3 votes
answered by Digital Boffin 4 votes

Long distance monitor connection options?

I’ve been asked to install a new monitor in an EMS (Ambulance) station. The monitor is by the garage doors, and needs to mirror another monitor connected to a computer on the other side of the garage. ...

dvi vga  
asked by Alex 10 votes
answered by davidmneedham 8 votes

External android compass

I recently bought a new android phone to get a bigger screen, thinking about using it for VR too. However, I found out it doesn't have a compass (I didn't even think it was mandatory). Even though I ...

asked by Oxen Eknat 1 vote

Parts for a gaming PC from 2005

I'm currently writing a story where in 2005 a guy built a time machine out of a old Ford Mustang, a Casio ClassPad 300 calculator, some scrap, and a gaming PC, but the problem I'm facing is that I ...

gaming pc legacy  
asked by Magnumenforce 33 votes
answered by lukfi 13 votes

Single board PC with HDMI input and output

Are there any recommendations for a single board PC (similar to a Raspberry Pi, for example) which has both HDMI input and output ports? Trying to catch HDMI input, modify it, and push it to a ...

hdmi raspberry-pi  
asked by jameselmore 9 votes
answered by Mick 1 vote

USB Type-C adapters?

I recently got the new Dell XPS 13 9350. This model features the new USB Type-C; it has no other native port for connecting a display (HDMI, mini DisplayPort, etc..). I've done my research and there ...

usb video-adapters  
asked by Alex Chance 5 votes
answered by Digital Boffin 6 votes

Electronic drum kit compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One

I am looking into getting a electronic drum kit that I can use for both recreational use (like an acoustic drum set) and for Rock Band 4, preferably with pro-cymbal support. I was thinking about ...

gaming music midi  
asked by Simple Sandman 6 votes
answered by Simple Sandman 3 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Wireless earbuds for single sided deafness

I'm looking for wireless earbuds which are reversible and can be used individually. I can only hear in one of my ears and therefore getting earbuds which are not reversible is just extra junk for ...

wireless bluetooth earphones  
asked by WELZ 1 vote

USB to rs232 adapter

I have 6 Prolific rs232-USB adapters that are connected to a windows 10 box. I can retrieve information about each of them with Python. However, they look identical except 'LOCATION'. There is a field ...

usb rs-232  
asked by Valentyn 1 vote

Cheap hardware for NAS with a mini-ITX Case

I intend to build a small 4 to 6 drives NAS server. The only part chosen is the case, a Fractal Design Node 304 which can hold up to 6 drives. This case is compatible with mini ITX motherboard. I ...

asked by Mathieu 2 votes
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